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This little Angel

is suffering from sarcoptic mange she is only 3 months young. Sarcoptic Mange is a parasitic infestation that is extremely contagious. She needs veterinarian isolation and treatment for approximately 6 weeks. This type of mange is contagious to humans and all other animals. Angel is miserable as she is hairless from the waist to her toes she is extremely  itchy and cannot find comfort in her existence on this earth- without immediate medical intervention. According to  the veterinarian her ears have been crusted closed and hopefully she will not have lost the ability to hear. She was dumped at the Baldwin Park animal shelter, a high-kill shelter. We need funding while she is being treated at the veterinarian's office. Veterinarian bills can be sent to you upon request. Any small donation will help




We promote a stress-free enviroment for our dogs...


WE are a 501c3 Non profit dog rescue. We save small, purebred and mixed breed dogs. We primarily rescue dogs from one of 8 LA County shelters, San Bernardino (City and County) shelters, Redlands, and Rancho.


We save in small numbers which enable us to observe our dogs, and intervene when bad behaviors begin. We provide nutritious meals to help meet each dogs needs.  We begin crate training and house breaking while in our care.  All dogs are provided with grain free food and a stress free enviroment.  All dogs are spayed/neutered.


Treating each dog with individual care allows for ...Endless Pawsibilities...

Endless Pawsibilities Rescue


Southern California


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